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The Derby was moved from the Coalinga Hot Springs Hotel, which hosted the 1937 Coaleda Derby, to the more famous land in the city of El Dorado, California. The Derby was cancelled due to infrastructure and returned in 1984 with a vengeance, but the event, named after the famous California State Fair in San Francisco, California, returned in 1979 and is still in force today, more than 40 years after an earthquake devastated Coallinga and a half century later.

The city sold Ocean Grown Extract for $4.1 million to help the city weather the financial crisis and create jobs for residents. Pleasant Valley now has more inmates than you know what to do with, with many state facilities. Shannon's girlfriend Shay Lynn has moved to the city to attend junior college , she is in her final year of high school.

James earned his master's degree in music from Notre Dame University in 2000 and his doctorate in music art (DMA) in 2015. At the Catholic University he led a musical partnership, which culminated in the release of two CDs of sacred music. James, whose academic interests include music theory, music history and the history of the Catholic Church, has led a number of Schola's over the years, including the San Francisco Bay Area Symphony, CA Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, San Jose State University's Chorale of Sacred Music, and Oakland Symphony.

The family moved to San Joaquin during their early childhood and eventually settled back in Coalinga at the age of 17. Pete married on September 16, 1973, at Huntington Lake, and in the summer of 1994 they moved back to Coaleda and Mineral Springs, where they enjoyed peace and quiet for 23 years, teaching their sons to hunt and live in the countryside. In and around the city there is a wide variety of wildlife, the Coallinga Rifle Club in the west of the city is the best place to be, as well as a large number of deer, elk and other wildlife.

Visitors to the airport can see 45 pilots flying over a two-day period. These include various aircraft such as a Cessna 208, an F-16 and a Boeing 707, as well as several helicopters.

In 2016, the Coalinga City Council was one of the first cities to adopt a regulation allowing the cultivation, production and distribution of cannabis. The bill on the three strikes was written by the region's local congressman.

In Coalinga there are 4,344 housing units, of which 3,896 are property occupied, 1,961 occupied by tenants (51.2%) and 2,976 (52.8%) and are either owned or rented (2.5%). The census reports that 130 (1.0%) of households in the city live in non-institutionalized group quarters and 1 (498) (11.1% or 2) live in institutionalized quarters.

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