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California has long been an oil-producing state, but the California real estate boom that began in the late 1990 "s has transformed the San Joaquin Valley significantly. The dependence of the state on the oil and gas industry for much of its economic growth has led to the construction of numerous prisons in this area. Indeed, according to the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Los Angeles Basin has been overtaken by the New York-San Francisco Bay Area since the mid-1990 "s, with the San Joaquin Valley dwarfing it as the second-largest metropolitan area in California.

Although the valley is predominantly rural, it contains some of the state's most productive agricultural land and the largest concentration of dairy farms in California. As areas like Chino and Corona have been integrated into the Los Angeles sprawl, many dairy farmers have moved their herds to the King of Tulare and Kern counties, drawing on the high-quality real estate market. Commuters from San Francisco and Silicon Valley are increasingly dominant, and small farming towns in the south of the country are also in the Bay Area.

Some of the ethnic groups in this vast area are Portuguese, Armenians, Basques and Okies who have immigrated to California from the Midwest and South. For example, there are more Azorean Portuguese in the San Joaquin Valley than there are in the Azores. Immigrants, the majority of whom are Hmong, Thai, Lao, Cambodian, and Vietnamese, have settled in communities such as Stockton, Modesto, Merced, and Fresno. These communities are often home to large numbers of immigrants from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Other types of apartments that predominate in Coalinga are houses converted into apartments or other small residential buildings, as well as single-family houses.

Single-family homes are the most common form of housing in Coalinga, accounting for more than a third of the total housing units in the city. Three and four-room apartments, mainly in single-family houses and single-family houses, are a common form of living in both residential and commercial areas. In fact, property values in some areas of Coaleda are among the lowest in California, compared to properties across the nation, and are still considered quite expensive. But the appreciation rate for Coallinga was so high that, despite the nationwide downturn in housing markets, it continued to rise in value faster than most municipalities.

If you look only at the last 12 months, Coalinga's appreciation rate remains among the highest in America, with the most recent annual appreciation at 5.70%. Compared to California, the data show that the average annual increase in property values in California over the past 12 months is 5%, or about $70,000. That makes Coaleda one of the most expensive cities in the country for real estate and could signal the start of a long-term decline in California's housing prices.

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More About Coalinga