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At the cattle feeder, the female foal team helped deliver a precocious foal named California Chrome by suffocating him with hugs and kisses. Chase, who loves his mother, a 5-year-old mare, stepped outside and scratched the mother's uterus wall. He got extra attention because he needed a vet, and we visited him while Brown photographed the pretty foals, as she usually does for absent owners who fail to watch their horses grow up.

Now Brown wonders if a bag of biscuits helped prepare him for the thunderous crowd of flashing cameras, and I'm sure it did.

So forgive me for being a bit skeptical of the owner's early optimism, but even if California Chrome loses, this will be a far cry from the flashy foal we all knew back when.

When Chrome turns 1, he and the other yearlings will be sent to ranch manager Laurie Brown's ranch, where their job is to make sure the cubs grow healthy and strong. When I was here, everyone had their hand on the wheel, "said Brown, who lived with the new crew in Southern California after graduating from the University of California, San Diego's School of Veterinary Medicine last year.

Here's the exercise bike that cracks the future champion's first saddle, the piste bully Chuy Horta, who adorns his delicate white ankles, and Perry, who won his affection with his first bag of Mrs. Pastures cookies. The history of gambling is monogrammed with an image of chrome on the back of his horse's head and a photo of Brown's daughter Amanda.

California Chrome was born at Harris Farms, where more than 500 thoroughbreds are bred and trained to get them ready for the racetrack. It stands for "chrome," a name the couple chose after being mocked by a groom for buying a low-budget mare, the beloved Chase, which they had brought to Harris Farm to breed. They never had a horse like that, "he said of the colt, who moved to Hollywood Park at the age of two.

It is not so much the striking white colour that highlights him as the white flame that stretches across his face, but rather the colour of his eyes.

The main street in the city centre will be closed on Saturday, the big screens are tuned to the races on Saturday. There is a foal stable where the 3-year-old colt won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness last month, and his most loyal supporters crowd around the television set, ready to ride him on the final stretch of his improbable journey. The white-laid tables and chairs in front of the stable are sold out for the race, where he will race and train for two weeks before moving south.

It is a point of deep pride for the people who work there, those under the sun who have greased the stables, brushed the horses and put the first in the saddle.

Coburn Martin was confident that his colt would become a champion and win the Kentucky Derby, and the odds were good considering that the state of Kentucky breeds 12,000 mares a year, compared to the 2,300 mares in California. The odds against him piled up, but he won the Derby and won the horse in 1978 with Affirmed. Kentucky breeds 76 percent of its Derby winners - bred, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

To have a thoroughbred for the prestigious Breeders' Cup, you have to be sent to the prestigious Kentucky Derby. I even managed to ignore the opossum that crossed the track at the recent training gallop at Belmont. It is worrying when owners try to lure the horses with a bell, a sound that would easily scare most horses.

There are a lot of horses that are overtaken by those who do, "said Harris, who has spent millions of dollars in five decades raising 40 to 50 foals a year for the five-time Breeders' Cup winner and his family. To think that a horse born in the same state as one of the most famous horses of all time could have the chance - in search of the favorite to make history - is confusing. Even more surprising is the fact that Martin Coburn has raised more than $6 million since his win in the Kentucky Derby. He will compete against fresh horses that have not moved from one state to another in recent months.

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